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Tricity Pain Associates in New Braunfels, TX specializes in treating acute and chronic pain disorders that affect the neck, back, and joints. We provide a wide range of services, including diagnostic testing, general therapies, and advanced treatments, for different pain conditions. A few of our top procedures include pain mapping, vertebroplasty, steroid injections, and PRP therapy. If you have recently suffered from an injury or are experiencing persistent pain due to advanced age, we invite you to explore our treatments to learn more.

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A herniated disc occurs when a portion of the gel-like center within a disc protrudes forward, creating a small bump or bulge within the back.

Nerve pain is a disorder that can develop due to problems in the central nervous system but can also arise from damage that occurs from an injury.

Lower back pain can range from mild to severe and can cause unwanted symptoms, such as sudden stiffness, muscle spasms, and limited mobility.

Neck pain can arise for many different reasons and is often caused by an injury, whiplash, or habitual routines that put stress on the neck muscles.

Sciatica is acute or chronic discomfort that is isolated along the sciatic nerve, which runs behind the lower back and upper thighs of the body.

Spinal stenosis develops gradually, causing narrowing of the spinal column that results in debilitating symptoms, such as limited mobility and pain.

A pinched nerve develops when surrounding tissue or bone compresses the nearby nerves, which can result in tingling, numbness, and muscle weakness.

Neuropathy is a type of nerve condition that causes acute or chronic pain in the body after severe nerve damage from trauma or previous surgery.

Complex regional pain syndrome is a rare disease that affects the limbs of the body due to damage to the peripheral and central nervous systems.

Facet joint pain, also known as facet joint disease, is a condition that typically arises after an injury to the facet joints in the spinal column.

Facet syndrome is a pain disorder that affects the synovial joints of the spine and is usually the result of advanced age or severe muscle strain.

Spinal arthritis is a disease that negatively impacts the structures that make up the spinal column, resulting in severe pain and limited mobility.

Degenerative disc disease is a condition that breaks down the discs within the spinal canal, causing limited mobility, muscle weakness, and pain.

Fibromyalgia is a pain disorder that affects the muscles and joints of the body in men and women over the age of 35, causing soreness and stiffness.

Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic pain disorder that affects the muscles of the body, resulting in knots or painful sections of soft tissue.

Phantom limb pain is the sensation of discomfort that men and women experience after the amputation of a limb, such as an arm, leg, hand, or foot.

Cancer can present all kinds of unwanted symptoms, including chronic headaches, severe muscle pain, and acute discomfort in the joints of the body.

Headaches and migraines are common pain disorders that can cause mild to acute discomfort and other ailments, such as dizziness and stiff neck.

Evaluation and pain mapping are diagnostic exams that help provide the necessary information to identify the source and cause of your pain condition.

A discogram is a type of diagnostic exam that utilizes cutting-edge x-ray technology and contract dye to capture detailed images of your spine.

An epidural steroid injection is a common treatment that uses anti-inflammatory medication to alleviate chronic pain in various areas of the body.

A nerve block is a minimally invasive treatment that utilizes specialized medication to prevent or block the nerves from sending pain signals.

A rhizotomy is an innovative procedure that uses radiofrequency technology to sever nerve roots in the spinal column to alleviate chronic back pain.

Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) is a minimally invasive treatment that uses electrical pulse therapy and a specialized implant system to target pain.

PRP therapy is a natural treatment that has been used in the medical field for many years to boost cellular regeneration and aid in healing.

A vertebroplasty is a cutting-edge treatment that utilizes a specialized bone material to correct mild to severe spinal compression fractures.

Kyphoplasty is a procedure that corrects abnormal curves of the spine and vertebral fractures with the use of a specialized balloon and bone cement.

A percutaneous discectomy is a minimally invasive procedure that is designed to alleviate unnecessary nerve pressure within the spinal column.

Peripheral nerve field stimulation is a cutting-edge pain management treatment that utilizes electrical pulses to target chronic nerve pain.

Lysis of adhesions is a surgical procedure that carefully and precisely breaks down built-up scar tissue in the epidural space of the spinal column.

Motor vehicle accidents can be quite severe, leaving behind debilitating symptoms, like numbness, neck stiffness, swelling, and chronic joint pain.

Foot, hand, and ankle pain often arises after a minor or severe accident, such as a bad fall or sports injury, resulting in a sprain or joint damage.

Muscle injuries can be minor or major concerns that can cause persistent pain, stiffness, numbness, or swelling in almost any area of the body.

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