Myofascial Pain Syndrome in New Braunfels, TX

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About Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Tricity Pain Associates in New Braunfels and Seguin, TX specializes in treating a wide variety of pain disorders, including myofascial pain syndrome (MPS). This condition causes severe pain in the trigger points of the muscles when pressure is placed on these sensitive areas. It can also produce pain in unrelated areas of the body, resulting in limited mobility and muscle function. MPS is believed to be caused by repetitive movements that strain the muscles and repeated injuries. This condition generally occurs in patients over the age of 35 or those who have occupations that are labor-intensive. Common symptoms of myofascial pain syndrome include tender muscle knots, stiffness, constant fatigue, and muscle spasms. If you are experiencing persistent muscle pain, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a medical professional to discuss your treatment options. 

Myofascial Treatment

In order to provide the best treatment possible, a comprehensive medical evaluation will be performed first. This enables us to confirm your diagnosis and make a recommendation on which therapies may be the most effective for you. The treatment that is selected will depend on your level of pain, symptoms, and overall health. Popular treatments for myofascial pain syndrome include physical therapy, stretching, relaxation techniques, muscle massages, and pain medications. In some cases, nerve pain medications or muscle relaxants may be recommended. 

Don't hesitate to call our office in New Braunfels or Seguin, TX to set up a consultation with our seasoned medical team. Our interventional pain management physicians have years of extensive experience and will work closely with you to discover a solution that helps improve your pain. 

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