Spinal Arthritis in New Braunfels, TX

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About Spinal Arthritis

Tricity Pain Associates in New Braunfels and Seguin, TX specializes in treating all kinds of pain disorders, including spinal arthritis. This is a condition that hinders the function and physical structure of the joints within the spine. It often affects older patients as it is generally the result of normal wear and tear, but it can be brought on by certain medical conditions, like diabetes, gout, psoriasis, or Lyme disease. Contributing factors, such as obesity and genetic makeup, can also increase one's risk of spinal arthritis. Common symptoms of spinal arthritis include neck and back pain, a decreased range of motion, and stiffness in the spine. If you or your loved one has been recently diagnosed with spinal arthritis, contact our practice to sit down with one of our medical professionals today.

Spinal Arthritis Treatment

Thanks to modern medicine and continual spine research, there are many options available to ease the symptoms of spinal arthritis. Conservative treatments generally involve the use of anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy. In severe cases, more advanced methods, like spinal decompression or spinal fusion, may be suggested. There are limitations and benefits of each treatment, which can be discussed in detail during your private consultation. Our goal is to provide the safest and most effective treatment possible to help boost your overall quality of life. 

Reach out to Tricity Pain Associates in New Braunfels or Seguin, TX to learn more about all of your treatment options. We are here to serve you. 

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