Spinal Stenosis in New Braunfels, TX

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About Spinal Stenosis

Tricity Pain Associates in New Braunfels and Seguin, TX specializes in treating a wide variety of pain conditions, including spinal stenosis. This condition causes the narrowing of the spine, which weakens the back and overall structural support of the body. Spinal stenosis typically develops gradually and may be caused by bone overgrowth, a genetic disorder, injury, or certain conditions, like scoliosis and Paget's disease. Typical signs and symptoms of spinal stenosis generally include neck and lower back pain (lumbar), weakness in the legs, and difficulty standing for long periods at a time. Reach out to either one of our clinic locations in New Braunfels and Seguin, TX to schedule an appointment with our care team. We are here to help lessen your pain and boost your overall quality of life.

Spinal Stenosis Treatment

Common treatments for spinal stenosis typically include prescription medication, physical therapy, steroid injections, and percutaneous disc decompression. However, prior to any treatment, our team will perform a comprehensive medical exam to confirm your diagnosis. This process usually involves the use of x-rays and other diagnostic tests to help us understand your current spine health and condition. Once our medical assessment is complete, we will discuss our findings with you and go over all of your treatment options. Our overall goal is to decrease your pain with the safest and most appropriate means available.

To learn more, contact Tricity Pain Associates in New Braunfels or Seguin, TX. We look forward to assisting you. 

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